Long’s Peak

This picture shows Long’s Peak from near our home in Longmont, Co.

Long’s Peak, one of the 14 teeners in Colorado

We have not tried climbing Long’s Peak because one must begin before sunrise so they can be well down the mountain by no later than 3 pm due to high winds and possible lightening.

The Gift Shop in Goodnight, TX

On our trip from Colorado to Texas, we took the opportunity to visit the gift shop at the Goodnight Ranch in Goodnight, Tx.

Charles Goodnight was an early raiser of Cattle and Buffalo. I had the opportunity to read about in a book titled “A Buffalo in the House”.

Buffalo at the Goodnight Ranch Museum
The entry to the Shop at the Ranch
Sign showing a fourth reason for being in Goodnight

Anyone passing through the Texas Panhandle should stop and check out this marvelous tribute to one of the greatest cattlemen who drove cattle through the staked plains, over the Raton Pass and up to Denver.

Photo from a recent Quilt Show

We went to a quilt show in Dallas a few weeks ago.  One category included travel oriented quilts.  While many seemed wonderfully crafted, the one shown above is my absolute favorite.

We have traveled to Venice a few times:  This quilt seemed to capture the essential Venice.

Spelling Lessions for US Voters

My opinions only and not declarations of fact

How does one spell narcissist:  Trump

How does one spell grandstander:  Trump

How does one spell racist xenophobe:  Trump

How does one spell presidential:  not Trump

How does one spell effective leader: not Trump

How does one spell braggart and blowhard:  Trump

Who is only effective at running his mouth and his twitter account:  Trump

Thank you for reading this.

Photo from Rhine River Cruise

Interior View of the Castle at Heidelberg


We had wonderful weather while in Heidelberg.  Our guide has a PhD in German history.  I was able to speak German with her; she thought my pronunciation and diction  were quite good given that I am not a native speaker.  I explained that my maternal grandmother spoke German at home: I learned from her and followed that up with 3 years of German in High School


Tanners’ Houses in Strasbourg



I took this photo on my recent cruise on the Rhine River.  According to our guide, the houses were, during the 16th to 18th centuries, owned by tanners who dried the hides on the sloping roof tops.  The architecture seems well suited to that task.


Our New President is so thin skinned that he muzzles our free press

Protecting our Dear Leader’s Huge Ego

Spicer handpicks media outlets for briefing, excludes CNN & others

US News 1 hour ago
Press Secretary Sean Spicer called off the standard televised press briefing, instead opting for an invite-only “gaggle.” Outlets like CNN, the NY Times, LA Times and Politico were barred from speaking with Spicer, while Breitbart and OANN were allowed in.
For such a thin skinned erstwhile President, he verbally assaults anyone who criticizes him.
One would have thought he would have thought this through before running for President since every preceding, in my lifetime, holder of the oval office has faced constant criticism.  If erstwhile President Trump is unhappy, he should resign and Vice President Pence, a real politician, take over the oval office.
Our Dear Leader would be almost suitable for the office if, rather than try to impress us with his first 100 days, would engage his brain before running off and causing attacks, and vetoing highly qualified advisors such as Elliott Abrams solely because he was critical of our great Himself.
He is becoming increasingly like a wanna be dictator.  Perhaps this is why he is such great friends with Putin.
Regrets to Sean Spicer.  He must really need the money to be the mouthpiece for this sorry administration.  Kellyann Conway must have known  better than to take the job.
A while back Spicer said that stifling the press would created a dictatorship.  I guess this now makes our Government a Fascist dictatorship.