Here’s the scoop on my play — pass it on if you can. It’s just lovely to have someone love the script. No one can predict the future – but it’s always nice to just have an audience.

I’m very excited to announce that my play JOCASTA, a new twist on a classic tale of love, lies and the other woman in the Oedipus Complex, will have a production in New York City! Megan Smith, a talented young director who “fell in love with this play on the first read” will bring it from page to stage at Gallery MC in Manhattan. This play was premiered at The Cleveland Play House and has had productions in California, Canada and was produced in 2011 in Kashmir in Hindi.

Current Dates for the show are:
March 29 – 8pm Preview (invite only)
March 30 – 8pm Performance & Opening Party
March 31 – 8pm Performance
April 1 – 3pm Matinee
April 5 – 8pm Performance
April 6 – 8pm Performance
April 7 – 8pm Performance & Closing Party
April 8 – 3pm Matinee

I expect to be there for the opening weekend. There is also a possibility that the show will be extended so stay tuned.

Also from the Director: “The addition of modern dance choreography by Rainwater Dances during the intermission will be an extension of the story, expressing through dance the mother/daughter dynamic in the play and what occurs in the 10 years that pass between Act One and Act Two.

Megan is using KICKSTARTER to assist in financing this production so if you can spare a dollar, ten, twenty-five or more, please visit the site.

Theatre lives through the kindness of our friends and supporters as well as strangers so PASS IT ON! I’m excited to be there opening night.

Sandra Perlman