Marcel is right. He will sit in anyone’s lap. Quite the fickle dog.

Being Marcel

Well here it is Saturday and I was planning on hiking or rather being hiked by my humans in my backpack.  I had just finished lunch and was raring to go nap in the backpack when we got into the car.  This seemed to be getting better and better for me.  New Pee Mail to check out, perhaps some ladies my size.  What’s not to like about this/

Then we pulled into the parking lot at Puppy Camp.  Now Camp 4 Paws is not a place where you go to hike.  It is a place to put your poor forlorn puppy when you have something better to do.  ABANDONED again!!!

Then I hear Richard telling the person at the check-in counter that they are going to Colorado for Mother’s day.  I checked the weather report and it is still winter in Colorado.  I think I would rather stay here.  I…

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