I missed the little guy

Being Marcel

I returned from puppy camp at Camp 4 Paws last week.  I acted like I had really missed Patricia and Richard, but the reality is that I had a great time at Camp 4 Paws.  They feed me more there and I get extra treats, plus I get to nap most of the day.  When I am at home, I have to follow my humans around the house and act like I wish to be near them.  At puppy camp a dog can be a dog.  At home a dog needs to be a pet.  My humans do not realize that they are the real pets.  I sit on their laps and lounge around the house with them to make them feel more comfortable.  After all, dogs are man’s best friends.  Men are not dogs’ best man.  Just saying.

Anyway, I am kind of enjoying being home.  I checked up…

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