• By Christopher Shea
Centre Technique du Papier
Wallpaper developed in France may prevent people from snooping on your private computer network.

Could this mean that you will never again hear a cellphone go off at a concert?French researchers have developed wallpaper that would block cellular and wi-fi signals while letting through AM/FM radio waves and emergency transmissions.

Developed by engineers at the Grenoble Institute of Technology and the Centre Technique du Papier—and making use of a conductive ink containing silver particles (it’s a passive block, not a jamming system)—the wallpaper will be marketed to people concerned about outsiders’ snooping on their private networks as well as those who, for health reasons, simply want to shield themselves from as many electromagnetic waves as possible. Researchers say the cost of the product will be in line with what people pay for mid-priced purely decorative wallpaper.

Windows remain a challenge, but even without covering them (and transparent filters do exist), users will enjoy substantial increases in privacy, the researchers say.

Via the Verge