First the litigation frightened trustees through Joe Paterno under the bus.  Now they have removed his statue.  But they didn’t stop there, they threw the players under the bus too by removing their images.  What they have done to this team is deplorable.  And, for what, to make the lawyers happy.

Penn State has had a traditional of excellence since day 1.  What is happening to the program at Miami,  What about the cheating quarterback from Clemson who claimed his father was the one who took the money and he know nothing about it.  So the money-grubbing NCAA fines Penn State $60 million.  I guess the $60 million will go to by rolex watches and pad the expense accounts of NCAA officials and coaches who happen to go to bowl games.

Joe is dead.  Possibly of a broken heart.  This is really the American tragedy of the 21st Century.  The University deserves better from its Trustees.  The Trustees should be sacked and fired and fined for lack of institutional control.  The students of the University deserve better.  When they return to school next month they should stage a strike and withhold tuition.  The football players deserve better.  They will be heckled wherever they play for at least an entire season.

The only positive aspect of Joe Paterno’s death is he is not witnessing the crass and cheap behavior of the institution he served and loved for so many years.  It offends my sense of right and wrong that his widow and family are having to witness this callous cacophony of crass conspirators.

The NCAA should have shut the program down for one year as punishment.  That would have been enough for things to begin returning to normal.  But they went for the money – big surprise.  The NCAA is the biggest cartel of all.