Such a deal.  For the basic trip your fare is $444.00, not including any meals or beverages.  Total travel time is 60 hours and 39 minutes, so you would probably like a sleeping compartment for two nights.  These cost $313 per night for a shared compartment.  You can stay at a very nice hotel for that price and not have to share the room.  The total cost of this trip is over $1,000.

Now, you can drive from Austin to Denver in about 16 hours with gasoline cost of about $150.  A stay in a nice motel costs about $150.00 max.

Just what is Amtrak thinking here.  I was under the misimpression that they are trying to promote train travel.  I can understand the train taking a bit longer, but nearly 4 times longer.   I can understand travel costs being higher on the train, but 7 times greater.

I can fly from Austin to Denver in about 90 minutes and pay a one-way fare of about $250.00 – $300.  I will need to have someone pick me up from the airport and drop me off at the airport, but I would have the same cost under both alternatives.

Why would anyone take the train?  I guess the answer is that Amtrak is  subsidized by us taxpayers and could care less.

Does anyone else have an opinion on this?

I just wish we could have a train system like the ones in Europe and parts of Asia.