Jon Stewart on Romney’s London Fallings

The Daily Show
SERENA DAI445 Views8:39 AM ET

Jon Stewart looked at Americans abroad last night on The Daily Showparticularly, Mitt Romney’s critique of how ready London was for the Olympics. Last week, Romney told NBC News’ Brian Williams that he found a few things about the preparations disconcerting. Bad idea, man. “You’re a guest at a dinner party that already started! Slam dunk! Just nod your head and say the rumaki is delicious!” Stewart said. The English press did not take the critique lightly, according to headlines in local papers and tabloids that called Romney “Mitt the Twit” and “Nowhere Man.” Stewart added a few, including “American Idiot” and “Book of Moron.”

“How do you screw up a trip to England?” Stewart asks. “It’s not like you’re in Papua New Guinea where they gotta explain to you ‘Hey, look when you shake that guy’s hand, it means you want to screw his wife, don’t do that’.”