The Republican Wrath Over Chris Christie, Revealed

Associated Press
Elspeth Reeve 5,153 Views 9:41 AM ETing behind the scenes, either. The Drudge Report is still holding a grudge — “CHRISTIE CLOWNS ON ‘SNL’ AS RESIDENTS SUFFER…” was Monday’s headline. “I know people who think that what Christie did was, for all intents and purposes, endorse Obama,” Rush Limbaugh said before the election. “Will Chris Christie Pay Any Price?” he asked after it. And Limbaugh warned that conservative recriminations might go the wrong way. “I’m gonna be the reason — not Chris Christie, I’m gonna be the reason — all this happened… [I]t’ll be said if the Republican Party wants to have a future, they’re gonna have to shut up people like me and stop listening to people like me.”

You can see why that might happen, since the one Republican guy who’s recently shown he can get non-Republicans to actually like him is Chris Christie. A new Quinnipiac poll of New York City voters finds the plurality, 36 percent, though Christie did the best job in responding to the storm. Obama was in second place, with 22 percent thinking he did best, followed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, with 15 percent.

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