Happy Birthday, Darwin: A Graphic Biography


The evolution of the father of evolution, illustrated.

Charles Darwin — father of evolution,decoder of human emotionhopeless romantic,occasional grump — was born on this day in 1809. From Smithsonian Books comes Darwin: A Graphic Biography (public libraryUK) — a fine addition to outstanding graphic nonfiction, joining other famous graphic biographies of cultural icons like Richard FeynmanHunter S. ThompsonThe Carter Family, and Steve Jobs. Written by journalist Eugene Byrne and illustrated by cartoonist Simon Gurr, the story takes us into the life and times of Darwin — from a curious child on a “beeting” expedition to a patient young man persevering through the ups and downs of battling creationist oppression to a worldwide legend — tracing his intellectual adventures amidst the fascinating scientific world of the 1800s.

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