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Derivatives Based on Real Property Loans

A few days ago, I published a post stating that interests in timeshares based on point, essentially were no different from derivatives based on mortgage loans.  I have had a few questions about derivatives based on mortgage loans, so I am posting this discussion.

I  like to begin by defining terms.  I found the following definition in an online dictionary:

”  an arrangement or instrument(such as a future, option, or warrant) whose value derives from and is dependent on the value of an underlying asset”.  It is important to note that the value is not in the underlying asset or mortgage but is merely derived from the underlying mortgage – more on that later in this post.

When applied to real estate loans secured by mortgages a definition would be A Financial Contract whose value is dependent on the value of the underlying mortgage loan.

Seems simple enough, so how did derivates help create the current economic…

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