My memoir, which I have been working on for over one year, has been published.  The story covers my earliest childhood from the time I was adopted, continuing through my elementary and high school years and up to the present time.  Not know what I wanted to to with my life, I enlisted in the United States Air Force as a Russian Linguist serving in the Security Service.  After completing my four-year enlistment, I finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy.  I began a career in Federal Income Taxation that helped me morph into a career in Strategy Consulting and Merger and Acquisition Consulting.  In 1991, I completed a Masters in Liberal Studies that focused on literature and creative writing.  I have many stories of all of these years, many of which are more outward focused.  I currently reside in Austin, Texas and Evergreen, Colorado: two communities that foster reading and writing. At age 69 I am a part-time strategy consultant, distance runner, cyclist, digital photographer, reader, blogger and hope to become an established writer.

When I am not doing these things, I enjoy the company of my children and grandchildren and old friends and relatives from my childhood days in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

If you are so inclined, you can purchase my book through my publisher Author House by going to and searching for my memoir which is titled Passing Through …My Life as a Part of the Boysen Family.  I am donating 45% of the profits from my memoir to the Wounded Warrior Project and 45% to cancer research. 

Feedback will be greatly appreciated.