Stand With Wendy Davis


One year ago, Wendy Davis launched a 13-hour filibuster to stop Austin insiders from closing women’s health clinics across the state that provided crucial care to tens of thousands of Texas women.

But that filibuster was about so much more to the women and men from across the state who came together on June 25, 2013.

It was an act of courage and strength to fight back against political insiders abusing their power. The Austin insiders did everything they could to shut Wendy up, to shut the filibuster down and to silence the voices of Texans across the state.

But we would not be silenced.

Wendy’s filibuster has inspired millions of people across our state to join the fight for Texas. We’ve seen her strength and courage spread, reflected and amplified everywhere.

And on this one-year anniversary that courage is greater than ever before and the fight has only just begun.

We’ll keep speaking up. We’ll keep fighting back.

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