Doing Better in 2015

For some reason, I continue making resolutions for each coming year even though my track record is somewhat worse than mediocre. Being, in a minor way, a creature of habit I am doing so again this year, though adding a resolution to keep more than three fourths of them. Some are for self improvement; fitness and mental agility, while others deal with relationships with others, including family and friends.

So, here they are:

Ride my bicycle at least 5,000 miles in 2015
Run two half marathons
Take an inch off my waist
Other than wine, consume no simple carbohydrates

Finish my Latin 1-3 course on Rosetta Stone
Finish a Spanish course
Take more pictures for my online gallery

Listen more attentively to family and friends
Collect more stories from them and tell fewer of my own.
Get around to writing my first novel.
Tell my wife I love her at least twice each day even when we are apart
Live in the present rather than in the future
Continue denying that I am getting old: older is okay, but old is unforgivable at my age.
Become more active and less cynical about local politics

I will give a report card this time next year.

Good luck to you with your resolutions.