We now have a Commander in Chief who, in my opinion is the Narcissist in Chief. His fragile ego won’t let him get past the fact the Democratic candidate had the majority of the popular vote.  Now he demands an investigation to find out how many Democratic votes were fraudulent, emphasizing voters registered in multiple districts. What have we learned?; At least two members of his family are registered in multiple jurisdictions as is his Press Secretary and Treasury Secretary. There should be an investigation of voters for both candidates.

He is now proposing a $15 Billion dollar wall on the Mexican Border.  With bribes, cost overruns, and kickbacks normal in most big construction projects, the wall will likely cost in excess of $30 billion.  Then our president tells us he will make Mexico pay for the bridge using a 20% tariff.  Anyone having a most basic understanding of economics knows that the cost of a wall, which most people do not want, will be paid by American consumers buying goods from Mexico.  And why build a wall and create hard feelings with one of our largest trade partners.  Moreover, current statistics show that illegals from Mexico have been declining for years. It is in our economic and state interest to help Mexico grow its economy.  Our President lacks common courtesy and decency with respect to the President of Mexico.  Mexico’s President’s demeanor has been elegant especially in view of the Donald’s treatment of him and his populace. I also worry that a wall might be used by a future despot to keep people in as the Russians did in East Berlin.

On to the subject of “Alternative Facts”. Kellyann Conway is becoming the Joseph Goebbels in the Donald’s white house. As a highly educated and intelligent person, she must really need the money and or enjoy the adrenaline rush of power to work for this President, who doesn’t know if or when he is saying things that are not true. Alternative Facts are lies. She knows it and is creating an environment where words become meaningless. I really feel for the Press Secretary who,in my opinion, must spin yarns that he must know are often untrue

I agree that we need careful vetting of all immigrants because the greatest threat to our nation is extremists and not just those from the Middle East.

Our voters (a minority of them) elected a person who, according to the Economist Magazine, answered when asked for two words to describe the then candidate replied, arrogant and blowhard.

So where is the so called Senior Republican leadership? They are mostly free traders and surely will regret ceding Asian Economic power to China now that our Fearless Leader has withdrawn our nation and peoples from that trade pact. Do they really want someone like the Donald having the nuclear launch codes and appointing generals who he believes will do his bidding? Are they prepared to have our people go into an economic and personal depression as a result of his uninformed economic policies. Will they finally step up and reign him in? Let’s hope they finally grow a pair and take appropriate action.