It is beginning to appear that Mike Pence is the Darth Vader (Dick Cheney) of what is supposedly the Trump Administration

Why might I say this?  Several reasons and I think many people add more.  For instance, President Trump was, in terms of abortion in favor of freedom of choice.  What caused his new-found epiphany?  Clearly Pence is in charge on this issue.

Who is for legislation either banning or cutting back freedom of assembly and encouraging state legislation that, in one case, would allow drivers to run down and kill protesters as long as the action was unintentional.  In clear English, they will allow their supporters to kill people at will.  I believe our Dear Leader is sufficiently thick skinned to use his twitter account for revenge rather than having people killed.  I think Pence is behind this.

Vice President Pence is actually the largest threat to Freedom of Religion in my lifetime.  He has become the first American Ayatollah seeking to impose his version of Sharia Law on American women.  Actually, he should be best buddies with the Muslims as he would, if and when he gains the power, treat women the same way as they.

I think many people wish to have Trump impeached.  That would be a disaster because Pence would be much worst in terms of personal freedom.  Pence would not wish that to happen because he would rather Trump be found at fault for everything that goes wrong in this country.  President Trump is the king without clothes.

Senator McConnell said they would not be able to control President Trump.  That is much less than candid.  The are controlling our already lame duck President through Vice President Pence.

I think Mr Trump could actually be one of the better presidents of my lifetime if his managers and handlers  would let him be himself.  While he is solely out for himself and his family he is more of a Democratic than an Ultra Conservative Republican.  Left to his own devices, we could work out a decently amicable economic arrangement with China and Mexico, but the hard liners, including Steve Bannon ( the Herman Goering of the Trump Administration) keep pressing him to act increasingly angry, possibly leading my and our country into what will have been an avoidable armed conflict.

I find it interesting that our Dear Leader is going after Mexico.  This reminds me of Mussolini going after hapless Ethiopia at the beginning of the last world war.  Mussolini was a bully.  My fear is that President Trump is a bully which could also lead us into an avoidable war.

Enough has been written about the Immigration Chaos in publications such as the Huffington Post that I feel no need to add to what has already been said; except that I feel it necessary to congratulate the Federal Judge in Seattle who stayed its implementation.  Of course, the Administration’s mouthpiece said the Judge was second guessing our leader.  Mr. Spicer, as should President Trump, should really spend some time reading and learning about the constitution.  That is why we separation of powers in this country.  I fear that citizens of the United States of America can only rely on the Judicial Branch since our elected Congressman and Senators are too afraid of President Trumps twitter account to take any effective action.  They wish to preserve their salaries and generous pensions and access to bribes and kickbacks and book deals that are the best way to avoid limitations on political campaign contributions.  I wish to be clear that it is not just republicans that are guilty, many if not most of them slop at the public trough.  My personal plan is to vote against every incumbent candidate until I find something resembling an honest politician.  I believe it easier to find a virgin in Las Vegas than an honest politician.

I also fear that this country, as is the case of Russia and was the case in Hitler’s Germany, is becoming a Plutocracy: where our President and Cabinet together with our large corporations run the country.  President Trump said he would drain the swamp in Washington.  Thus far, he has made it even more murky.  Most of the members of his cabinet represent large corporate interests such Corporate Finance Firms and large oil and gas firms.

I am surprised that Mr. Tillerson would agree to report to anyone, including the President of the United States.  It seems his sole goals are to reduce or eliminate environmental regulations and roadblocks and be in a position to negotiate huge deals and concessions with Russia and across Asia.  My guess is that once this happens, he will resign and count the money he has gained while being Secretary of State.  Of course, everyone knows that our new Secretary of State is there to procure relief from regulations on the banking industry.  You know the people in that industry.  Many of them should have gone to jail after the 2008 housing collapse.  The bankers do not care.  American taxpayers will take the loss while their bonuses continue unabated.

I do belive President Trump’s head and heart are in the right place regarding immigration and the Terrorism Threat.  I am sure he, as would most people living in our country, would not want a 9/11 on his watch.  I think he should get advice from someone other than the xenophobic Steve Bannon who should not ever be a member of our Security apparatus or even an advisor to our president.

Here’s to the success, prosperity and safety of President Trump and the United States of America.  I pray that he will seek better advisors.